Pontiflex: Duurzame modulaire bruggen

Sustainable and modular bridges

A Pontiflex bridge is unique, as its modular construction is always made of innovative and circular materials.

Key aspects of our bridges are:

  • Adaptable, demountable, standardised concepts
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Light-weight
  • Circular materials
  • Strong and durable, in compliance with all regulations

What is the concept?

The patented bridge deck modules are secured to pre-stressed cables, rods or beams. They thus form a rigid bridge deck with identical elements that can be replaced or reused at any time, independently of each other.

The bridge deck modules are optionally made of, for example, the most dimensionally stable and durable FSC-hardwood, of Accoya wood (radiata pine treated with acetic acid), recycled plastic, a revolutionary Dutch bio-composite, or eco-friendly geopolymer concrete. They are optionally provided with an anti-slip profile or a regular wear layer.

  • The abutments consist of modules of geopolymer concrete
  • We use, among other things, discarded fishing net material for the bridge railing
  • The pre-tensioned cables, rods or beams are removable and reusable

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fietsbrug Wageningen

Minimal design, minimal costs, many eco-benefits

We believe in “less is more”. Our designs are smart and minimalistic, making them solid in every term: from construction and sustainability to acquisition costs and maintenance.

The gains in circularity are significant, thanks to the application of the most sustainable materials available, and the modular design. We call this double sustainable. All parts can be reused or recycled. If you opt for a wooden bridge deck, it will come from sustainably grown trees. And the production and use of geopolymer concrete – which makes up our abutments – comes with considerably less CO2 than with regular concrete, since the binding agent is not cement and the aggregate consists of re-used material

Innovation and certainty

At Pontiflex, innovation comes never at the expense of security. The materials have been thoroughly tested for stiffness, strength, longevity, durability and so on. For this, we have engaged experts from approved Dutch engineering bodies such as TNO and Nebest. In case you wish to move the bridge after a certain period, or if you want to enlarge the bridge deck, this can be done without any problems, at minimal cost, due to our modular design.